We are a team of IT professionals dedicated in providing the ultimate Cloud experience to the Research & Education Community. We listened and researched the common issues R&E Community faces, and hence created unique solutions providing and delivering easily accessible, user friendly and secure Cloud Computing.

In this fast paced and quick evolving environment, where use of IT is both essential and irreplaceable we provide security based Cloud solutions, ones that evolve around your needs. Eduzone is dedicated to simplify and enhance the professional lives of CIOs, teachers, staff and students at NRENs, Universities, Institutions, Research Institutes and alike.

We provide easy access Cloud services, aligned in a single contract, a unified monthly payment and a single sign-on solution. You tell us what you require and we do the work for you by reaching out to the best providers, delivering the ultimate Cloud experience R&E Community requires; all with academic discount prices ready for you.

We collaborate with the GÉANT Cloud Team to provide the best possible, secure Cloud experience for R&E users all across the Globe, and are as such, their recognised partner.