Edu Zone is built from its roots to provide tailor made Cloud services for the R&E Community. We have implemented technical and legal simplifications, a single contract (aligned with the GÉANT cloud requirements) and a unified bill for all the services you acquire through us. Our unique platform enables you to manage selected Cloud services by your preference, in quantities you chose and limits you set up. EZ-Platform with all its technical advantages, combined with legal and billing simplifications provides an enhanced user experience and simplifies day to day business.


You can now manage all services acquired through an online service portal. This portal has been created to allow you, the users to manage your own service portfolio. According to the privileges you hold, you can administer institutional and /or personal profiles, as well as delegate services to other Institutions and users. Also available is real time reporting and monitoring, including current customer expenses, monthly estimates and alike as well as the online payment system.


We are dedicated to make Cloud work for you. With our focus being the Research and Education Community, we have even implemented single sign on solution available to all users from any Institution participating in eduGAIN (the-pan-European federation of R&E providers). You can therefore access the system immediately, without opening any additional accounts.


We have listened and researched what the R&E Community had to say about other platforms, and implemented the given recommendations. In solving the complex relations between NRENs, Universities and Individual users, we have implemented a hierarchical model that is simple yet secure and effective. This model enables NRENS and other Institutions to now delegate their contractual resources with other Institutions and/or groups of defined users. This is indeed our core solution in achieving a better, simpler, more efficient cooperation between respected Institutions, both locally and globally.